GOTO Volunteer Profile: Cristina Rosales

1) How did you first hear about GOTO?

Heard through a former colleague at work, Kevin Costello - One of GOTO's former mentoring chairs and Board members

2) What are your roles as a GOTO volunteer?

Marketing Co-Chair

3) How would you describe GOTO to a friend?

Non-profit volunteering group that hosts various events to raise funds to send inner-city kids to Summer Arts Camp

4) What is your favorite GOTO moment so far?

Every year when I get to meet the new potential scholars and their parents. Moments like this reminds me of why I joined the organization to begin with.

5) Where do you see GOTO 20 years from now?

GOTO is such a great cause, and I truly hope to see the organization in 20 years with a larger reach nationwide.

BONUS QUESTION: If GOTO sent you to Arts & Music Summer Camp, what would be your major?

If I were to attend Camp, my major would be vocal music and drawing/painting.

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