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Event Recap: 2009 Annual Gala

It's been about two months since GOTO New York's 2009 Winter Gala, but I'm still blown away by how great it was.

First of all, the Winter Gala was held at Capitale. Have you seen this place before? It is just awesome. I can still remember GOTO's first fundraiser at a little lounge on the Lower East Side by the name of Angel. Angel was nice, but it was no Capitale.

What else stood out to me was the acapella performance by one of our former scholarship recipients. About an hour into the party - in front of hundreds of guests - she took the stage and sang for a few minutes. With no backing band. That take a lot of guts for anyone. Let alone a 15-year-old!

Besides the space and the impromptu performance, it was an all-around great night. The food was great, there were a lot of cool silent auction prizes and the band kept everyone dancing. What more could you ask for?

If you haven't seen them already, check out all the Gala photos when you have the chance.

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