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Supporting Deserving Middle School Students Pursue Their Passions

At Giving Opportunities to Others, our top priority and goal is supporting youngsters in the communities in which we reside. Years of experience have taught us that all it takes is one small change to make a big impact.  Below you will learn more about our scholarship program, the application process, our amazing partner camp, and how you can get in touch with us to become part of the GOTO community.


Nominate a Deserving Student

Our scholarship program starts with teachers or community members nominating a student and their family to receive an application and information on the GOTO Scholarship and our partner camp, Appel Farms.  We accept as many nominations as possible each year and based on completed applications, fundraise to meet the financial support needs.

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One Month of Pure Empowerment

Our GOTO Scholars spend one month during each summer of their 6th, 7th and 8th grade years at Appel Farms Art & Music Center immersed in major and minors that they are passionate about already or interested in learning more from amazing teachers.  Outside of classes, the scholars gain independence, foster friendships and take part in camp-wide chores learning the importance of collaboration and responsibility.


Why We Involve the Whole Family

We strongly believe that the parents or caretakers of our scholars are a critical influence as to furthering the impact the summer camp experience will have on our scholars.  Most of our scholars have never spent a night away from home, let a lone an entire month!  Outside of providing necessary support and information on the summer camp experience, we look forward to connecting with our scholars and their families throughout the year.  Because of this, we require that parents complete an application in addition to the teacher nomination and scholar application - from the first time they hear about GOTO through the many years to come, we expect the families of our scholars to be part of our scholar's support system and the GOTO community.

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School Application


Important Dates for Nominees and Scholars

Teachers can nominate students throughout the year, but we try to keep our application review and notification timeline concise to help everyone plan for the upcoming summer.

Nominations are accepted until early March for the upcoming summer.

In late March / early April we hold a Nominee Information Session so that students and their families can learn about GOTO scholarships and the Appel Farms camp experience.

Nominated students will be contacted in May with application information and upcoming deadlines.

The Scholarship Committee will choose scholars and notify all applicants of their decisions by June 1.

Summer Camp Session 1 typically begins the last week of June and lasts 4 weeks.

Summer Camp Session 2 typically begins the last week of July and lasts 4 weeks.

While we are incredibly proud of our scholars when they are receiving their middle school summer camp experience, it is often the years after that we have the power of the summer experience in full effect.  Our scholars have developed into incredible high school and college students, and many have returned to volunteer for GOTO as young professionals a decade-plus after receiving their first summer scholarship.  Click below to hear from them and see what a different our volunteers and donors have made in the lives of others.



Please sent us an email and we will be in touch as soon as possible!

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