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Getting to Know... Danny Salmon

Our 5 Questions (plus a bonus here and there) with members of the GOTO Community

1. How did you first hear about GOTO? From my high school and college classmate, Cameron Snaith, GOTO's founder.

2. What were your roles while you were a GOTO volunteer? I began on the marketing committee and joined the Board when it was first created. I also oversaw the Events committee in 2002-03.

3. What have you been up to since joining GOTO’s Alumni? I left to focus on a new work opportunity, so that has been keeping me pretty busy. I still live in New York, attend the fundraisers and stay in touch through the volunteers I know.

4. What was your favorite GOTO moment? Visiting Appel Farm for the first time and overseeing GOTO's first casino night fundraiser before I retired stick out as highlights.

5. Where do you see GOTO twenty years from now? In 20 cities!

Bonus 1. If GOTO sent you to Arts & Music Summer Camp, what would be your major? Music, specifically percussion and "beat-making."

Bonus 2. What piece of artwork (song, album, book, movie etc.) best defines you? The motion picture Die Hard. Like the film's hero, John McLane, I too aim to rid the world of evil with little to no appreciation. John fought international terrorists; I do battle with a messy apartment, which is sort of the same thing.